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Collecting digital signatures as an accountant

Signing digital documents with SignHere

Did you ever notice the time it takes to gather one or more signatures from your customers?

Every reminder e-mail you send, could have been an e-mail with tax advice, strengthening your relationship with the customer. Instead, you lose valuable time chasing and following up on your administration.

What if there is a piece of software that can gather qualified digital signatures for you? Here is an example of how the whole process can be digitized with the help of SignHere.

Digital signatures made easy

You just finished your customer’s annual report in your accounting package. The only thing missing is the signatures from John and Jane, the legal representatives at company J.J. Doe.

First, you upload the report in your SignHere account. There you define John and Jane as the two signatories and you add the signing method. Here you have 4 choices:

  1. One-time password via text message (non-qualified)
  2. One-time password via or e-mail (non-qualified)
  3. Their eID card and a card reader (qualified)
  4. Itsme® (qualified)

Once you press the send button, John and Jane receive an e-mail with a link to the document in SignHere.

Jane was reading her email and clicks on the link. She is satisfied with the report and signs immediately with her eID card, the method you defined. John however forgets about the e-mail. A few days later, he receives a kind reminder from SignHere to sign the document. This time he logs in, reads the report and also uses his eID card and card reader to sign it.

Once the signatures are on the document, you can archive it in SignHere. This means that the original stays available to John and Jane as well.

Integration with ClearFacts

As of April 2019, SignHere integrates with accounting packages and digital collaboration platforms like ClearFacts. This brings the signing process even closer to your customer as they will see a notification in ClearFacts if a new document needs their signature. This will speed up the process even more, allowing you to deliver more customized financial advice and deepen the relationship with your customers.

Financial software platform Silverfin also chose SignHere as their solution for digital signatures.

If you would like to learn more about SignHere and its integrations, visit

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