Digital signatures made easy with SignHere & itsme®

On 21 February, we announced the general availability of SignHere at our Digital Me event in Brussels. Next to one-time passwords via text and email, SignHere lets you sign your official documents with the new mobile qualified signature of itsme®, called itsme® Sign.

SignHere and itsme® Sign together provide a unique solution to help digitize the signature flow between contracting parties:

  • SignHere offers the digital end-to-end document flow with several signing possibilities (see below).
  • itsme® Sign adds a mobile qualified signature – meaning it is eIDAS compliant – giving it a legal status across Europe.

How SignHere and itsme® Sign work together:

SignHere lets professionals sign, approve and distribute any document that requires a signature in an easy and secure way. The aim is to tame the paper tiger and make the traditional process of printing, scanning and emailing back and forth documents redundant. As a result, people save valuable time and benefit from better and faster collaboration.

SignHere gives you 4 signing options:

  • One-time password via email
  • One-time password via text message (SMS)
  • Belgian eID card (.beID) = a qualified digital signature
  • itsme® Sign = a qualified mobile signature

For any type of contract

SignHere can be used for any type of general business contracting (employment contracts, supplier-buyer agreements, etc.), but also to confirm specific financial agreements, such as changes in shareholdership or capital structure.

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Digital signatures made easy with SignHere & itsme®

Digital signatures made easy with SignHere & itsme® On 21 February, we announced the general availability of SignHere at our ...


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