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Accounting firms face significant challenges these days: between staying on top of tax changes, delivering against strict deadlines, and being alert to new regulation, they need to sustain and grow their accounting practices while providing entrepreneurial clients with advice about business strategy, financing planning, cash flow optimization, investment needs, and personal wealth, all while ensuring transactional excellence.

For accounting firms and their clients, we create and enable platforms for seamless, digital collaboration, allowing them to build closer, higher value relationships with their SME clients. Digital accounting collaboration puts a stop to the never-ending paper chase for sales and purchase invoices, bank account statements, and payroll documents, and puts real-time financial information at the fingertips of business owners and their financial advisors. 

By offering accounting firms a single set of integration optionsconnected to their back-office system of choice, and by offering entrepreneurs and SMEs a convenient portal to share financial documents and dashboardsboth parties can work together more closely, sharing the same management information. All involved save time, reduce manual encoding work, create real-time visibility on financials, and as such can take better decisions. 

Our solutions for accounting firms – CodaBoxClearFactsBookMate and SignHere – help digitalize core financial processes between accounting firms and their clients-entrepreneurs. As such, we offer a single point of connectivity and collaboration, reducing complexity and replacing a ravel of file formats, networks and integration options. 

  • Digitalize paper documents

  • Collaborate with your clients

  • Save time & money

  • Focus on advise, not administration

  • Reduce quarter-end workload

  • Sign & send documents electronically

  • Join the DigiCrowd for e-invoicing

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Solutions for accounting firms & fiduciaries

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Accounting made simple

With CodaBox, accounting firms can integrate documents into their back-office: CodaBox aggregates and digitalizes bank statements (CODA), payroll documents (SODA), and e-invoices.

CodaBox supports 2 out of 3 Belgian accounting firms and is the driving force behind DigiCrowd, a joint initiative with leading accounting software firms to accelerate e-invoicing.


Integrated collaborative accounting

A smarter and easier way of collaboration, that is what ClearFacts offers accounting firms and their customers, integrated with all major accounting software packages.

Win time and gain insights by digitizing your accounting with digital documents, real-time booking dashboards and smart integrations with your preferred accounting software.


Start with digital accounting

If your clients are not quite ready to adopt an advanced, integrated digital collaboration solution yet, BookMate is the perfect way to start sharing invoices and expenses digitally.

BookMate’s portal and app are the perfect step-up to a more elaborate accounting collaboration solution such as ClearFacts. What’s more: BookMate is free for accounting firms and their clients.


Document signing made simple & secure

With SignHere, signing documents digitally is a breeze. Upload, route and sign any contract, mandate or agreement with anyone, through an easy-to-use portal.

SignHere’s wide range of signing options makes it a perfect fit for accounting firms of any size. SignHere offers 4 secure signing methods: itsme®, the Belgian eID, text message or email.