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The financial world is changing. New regulations are forcing you, as a bank, to reposition yourself. This is not a threat, but an opportunity. Isabel Group is building a bridge between banks and the business world. Financial institutions globally face many challenges: from the need to replace legacy technology platforms, over embracing digital customer engagement, to defying the pressure GAFAM and fintechs put on their business modelsAlthough the evolution to new business models and digital customer engagement creates competition around ownership of client relationships, the marketplace requires an experienced and trusted third party who knows the ropes when it comes to digitalizing financial business processes.

With 25 years of experience in the field of banking and payments, daily payment volumes in excess of 7euro, and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium, Isabel Group stands synonym for ‘trusted market infrastructure’ in the Benelux banking landscape.  

Throughout its history, Isabel Group has developed a deep understanding of the needs of financial institutions, both on a technology and on a business level. Isabel Group was founded with the requirements of banks and businesses in mind: the need for sharing and mutualizing technology capabilities among banks on the one hand, and the need to offer complex, business-critical payment services to organizations on the other 

Born out of this need for cross-sector collaboration, Isabel Group focuses on developing mutualized and standardized platforms for banks through which businesses can consume aggregated, independent services for account information, bill presentment and payment, access and authentication management, Know-Your-Customer processesand corporate identity. 

Specifically for banks, we help reduce the complexity of connecting banks with businesses, in providing aggregated access to corporate bank accounts (both pre- and post-PSD2), in certifying professional identities, and in enabling and streamlining mission-critical information streams. Our solutions are consumed through a wide range of bank-owned portals, Isabel Group-run portals and a selection of APIs. Our role as connectivity platform is strengthened through over 150 partnerships with software and services providers



  • PSD2 & pre-PSD2 connectivity solutions

  • Corporate Identity Management platform

  • Security solutions used by 250 000 business users

  • Digital convenience solutions for B2B & B2C

  • Platform for corporate KYC data pooling

  • One API to connect with 50+ European banks

Our solutions for banks

solution Isabel 6

The leading multibanking platform

Isabel 6 aggregates access to 26 banks for 50 000 businesses, enabling direct access to corporate accounts, payment services, a growing range of value added services, and a set of complex approval and signing flows. The Isabel Connect API connects bank with corporate back-offices and conversely can act as a white-labeled solution for business banking.

solution Zoomit

Paid in a click

Our Zoomit bill presentment services are an essential part of any digital bank channel, supported by 13 Belgian banks, bringing together invoices and salary slips from over 50 large senders in bank-owned channels, from where payment is handled with a single click by Zoomit’s 1.7 million users.

solution XS2A

Surf the PSD2 wave like a pro

As a PSD2 licensed bank or fintech, our XS2A aggregation solution builds a bridge to 50+ European banks so you can unlock the full potential of PSD2. This single, secure and compliant API powers your financial portals, apps and dashboards with data from your users’ bank accounts.​

solution- kube

Business onboarding made easy

Opening up business bank accounts can be complex. With Kube we help banks pool data required to vet and validate businesses, speeding up the bank onboarding process for all parties involved. By using blockchain, the data is securely stored and only available upon consent.

solution intellisuite

Unifying authentication & signing

Customer convenience, security and trust are critical for digital business banking. IntelliSuite ensures a smooth, unified authentication and signing experience by enabling multiple tokens through a single, secure gateway.