Solutions for
SMEs & corporates

One point of access to control your cash, bank accounts & business documents

Running a mid-sized (SME) or large company is no small feat and comes with its own set of challenges. Keeping clients happy and making your business thrive are top priorities for every business leader, keeping you on your toes every day of the week.

Everything that takes away your focus from these objectives – including administrative overhead and friction – needs to go. At the same time, you need crystal-clear visibility on your cash and finance needs, to ensure your operation can thrive.

At Isabel Group, we are here to help run your business without hassle. That means: we help digitalize business processes so you can do away with paper-based stuff, spend less time on administration, get better insights for your business, create real-time visibility on financials, and focus on what your clients want and need 

We offer businesses a better way to manage financial information, through a business finance management (BFM) portal and through a set of automated document exchange options. Our BFM portals and apps (Isabel 6 and Seven) provide a one-stop shop for multibanking payments, transaction history, cash situation, invoices and trading partner information. Our APIs (available through Ibanity) enable information to flow freely and securely between your back-office system and financial service providers, clients and suppliers.  

  • Multibanking portal & app for 26 banks

  • Business Finance Management tools

  • 70 000 users supporting 50 000 businesses

  • 450 million transactions/year

  • Sign & send documents digitally

  • APIs for account information, payment initialization and e-documents

Our solutions for SMEs & corporates

Isabel 6

B2B Payments made easy

Isabel 6 is Belgium’s most trusted and secure platform for multibanking, connecting financial experts with 26 banks.​ Isabel 6  bundles all financial transactions in one easy-to-use overview and integrates seamlessly with back-office software through the Isabel Connect API (available on Ibanity).


Your safe digital company  passport

TruliUs is a secure digital company passport you can use to carry out online onboarding processes and transactions safely and smoothly on behalf of your company. Identify yourself as member of your organization with a single login and act on behalf of your company.​


Automate your finances

Ponto empowers you to build your custom professional banking experience by automating account information and payment initialization to your own preferred systems through a unique aggregation solution. An instant integration through one API offered by a PSD2 licensed connector.


Digital signing made simple 

With SignHere, signing documents digitally is a breeze. Upload, route and sign any contract, mandate or agreement with anyone.

SignHere offers your 4 secure signing methods: itsme®, the Belgian eID, text message or email.