of your financial
with a click

Don’t let paperwork waste your time

Managing your financial administration in an organized manner is often time consuming. You receive one document via e-mail, another invoice through the post. Before you know it, you overlook a payment or certificate.

With Zoomit you consult and save invoices, pay slips, credit card statements and other documents fast and easy, directly from your PC or mobile banking . You pay your invoices with a click of the button, wherever and whenever you may be in a safe manner.

  • All your financial documents in one place

  • Pay with a click whenever you want

  • With the security of your bank

  • Save time and paper

  • Zoomit is free

Our solutions for consumers

Don’t waste time with your money matters. The free, online and mobile banking service Zoomit enables you to process your administrative documents and invoices fast and easy through your PC banking. > More