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Accessing financial information and executing payments has evolved rapidly over the years: from paper records (centuries past), over automated teller machines (decades past), to instant online and mobile access (years past). We believe that going forward financial information will continue to flowmore freely, enabled by PSD2 principles, and is best consumed as close as possible to when and where business decisions are taken. This means financial data need to be accessible at the right time, by the right person, at the right step in the business process. For example: trading partner risk is bestevaluated prior to purchase or payment, account information is required to take cash flow decisions, cash flow projections are needed to make hiring or investment decisions.

As financial data starts to flow more freely between business applications, the need for a centralized, easy-to-use connectivity platform, featuring an expansive partner ecosystem, arises. To software and services partners, Isabel Group wants to be the leading integration point for aggregated financial information, such as account information, payment initialization, invoices, payroll documents, credit card statements and any other financial data flow, with the broadest reach across trading partners and banks in the market place.  

With software platforms forming the backbone of any modern organization, in-context financial data needs to permeate every business process to support accurate and swift decision-making. In order to enable this rapid access to financial and other data, we offer a rich set of open and premium APIs, for maximum convenience and minimum development cost for our partners and clients, whether it’s our 70 000 corporate clients, 3 500 fiduciary clients, or 1.7 million consumers using Zoomit.

In terms of connecting to banks, developers do not need to reinvent the wheel, as we have done the heavy lifting for them, in terms of aggregating, regulating, securing, streamlining and documenting a wide range of account information, payment, invoice, identity management and other APIs.


Less friction, more focus

All of our APIs come together in the Ibanity Developer Portal, a unique marketplace which provides high quality API documentation and sandbox access to developers from banks, fintechs and trusted third parties alike. The Ibanity Developer portal removes all hassle from the API management process, and offers an easy-to-use API channel to banks and fintechs, enabling them accelerate theirdigital transformation and API strategy. 

The Ibanity portal provides a wide range of APIs for account information, payment initialization and invoices and over time will be expanded over time with premium APIs, going beyond PSD2 requirements, for credit card statements, savings and securities accounts and many more. 

Through our Ibanity Developer portal, we put the tools – documentation, code snippets, sandboxes, support – to enable back-end integration of financial information, made by developers, for developers. As such, we offer developers the best user experience and the least friction possible to help make financial information flow transparently yet securely. 

  • PSD2 & pre-PSD2 connectivity options

  • High-quality documentation for developers

  • One API to access 50+ European banks

  • Online support for developers

  • 150 software partners