Solution Overview

Our market-leading solutions focus on creating business value by aggregating, facilitating and automating access to payments,  documents and identities across the financial supply chain, for entrepreneurs, businesses of any size, accounting firms, banks and financial institutions alike.

Multibanking from a partner you can trust

Isabel 6

You call on the expertise of several banks, but cannot make the most of the advantages for your organization because of the complex administration. The multi-banking solution Isabel 6 gives you one overview of all your financial transactions at all your different banks through one secured access. So you can consolidate all your financial data at once, streamline your transactions and simplify your cooperation with partners and colleagues. Isabel 6 is your company’s perfect payment solution.

Meanwhile, Isabel is already working on the future of multibanking. A brand new application, Seven, will make your multibanking experience more user-friendly and intuitive than ever.

An overview of all your accounts with all your banks at all times.

  • 70.000 users, 50.000 companies, 26 banks

  • Consolidate your financial data

  • Save time and money

  • For SMEs & corporates

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Sign & send documents digitally

Isabel 6

Gain efficiency by digitizing cumbersome paper-based processes, saving everyone valuable time. Improve convenience for yourself, your clients and other stakeholders, as you ease up complex signing processes.

Build trust with an entirely secure and user-friendly solution, fully integrated with .beID and itsme®. With Signhere, ensure compliance with legally binding and eIDAS compliant signatures.

Sign & deliver any document digitally.

  • Sign documents on any device, anytime

  • eIDAS compliant signatures

  • Fully integrated with .beID and itsme®.

  • For companies and fiduciaries of any size

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Enabling collaboration between accountants and their clients


Are you done with manual processing of invoices? Accounting firms use ClearFacts for digital collaboration to streamline their collaboration with their clients.

ClearFacts offers a single channel for receiving, recognizing, pre-booking and filing all accounting documents, for seamless synchronization and transparent reporting between accounting firms and their clients.

Not ready for end-to-end digital collaboration yet? Try BookMate for free, our entry solution to help you get started with collaborative accounting.

Start with collaborative accounting today.

  • 200 fiduciaries & 20.000 entrepreneurs

  • Real-time document recognition

  • Simple and secure invoice delivery

  • For accounting firms of any size

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Streamline your accounting back-office


With CodaBox, accounting firms and entrepreneur get access to digital bank statements, sales invoices, payroll documents and credit card statements (2020).

All digital documents can be easily integrated into any accounting or bookkeeping software. Also accounting and payroll documents provided by payroll providers can be integrated automatically. CodaBox puts a stop to manual data entry resulting in time savings for accountants and less costs for entrepreneurs.

As an official access point for PEPPOL, CodaBox also helps your company send invoices to everyone connected on the Peppol network.

Simplify and streamline your accounting document flow.

  • 3.400 accounting firms connected

  • Digital bank account statements, payroll documents & invoices

  • Integrate with your accounting package

  • For accounting firms of any size and their clients

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Bridge the gap between your bank accounts and your finance tools


Ponto bridges the gap between your business bank accounts and your finance systems to allow you to create a personalized banking experience, and easily mine and automate your banking data flows.

Ponto lets you build a customized yet secure banking experience in the blink of an eye thanks to our account aggregation and payment initiation, leveraging PSD2 APIs with 50+ European banks.

Get more out of your business bank accounts.

  • 50+ banks connected via PSD2 APIs

  • Automate your finance flows (AI/PI)

  • Aggregated view on all your bank accounts

  • For Sohos & their software partners

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Digital invoices paid in a click


You can use Zoomit to send invoices, payslips, credit card statements and other financial documents to consumers and Sohos where they can be reviewed and paid with the security and ease of online banking.

Furthermore, a digital copy of the invoices can be provided automatically to the recipient’s account for companies and self-employed persons, to be shared with their accountant.

Paid in a click. With Zoomit.

  • 1.8M active users, 13 banks & 50+ senders

  • Seamless integration in digital bank channel

  • Your invoices and pay slips in your online bank

  • For consumers & Sohos (receive documents)

  • For large senders & banks (send & distribute)

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Your safe digital company passport

TruliUs is a secure digital company passport you can use to carry out online onboarding processes and transactions safely and smoothly on behalf of your company with a single login.

It spares you the hassles of online onboarding and transactions by enabling you to access, manage and activate the digital identity of your organization easily anytime, anywhere. Your digital company passport is encrypted so you can affix an advanced electronic signature that guarantees the highest level of security.

Act on behalf of your company

  • Your up-to-date business passport

  • Verified Customer Due Diligence / KYC data

  • Secure by design

  • Strong authentication & signature

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