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We are witnessing a (r)evolution in the way we work, familiarizing ourselves with the innovation and digitalization of business processes.

Most likely also at your organization. As Isabel Group wants to design and create solutions with a tangible added value to guide you in this process, we would like to receive your thoughts on today’s market trends and expectations of the FinTech landscape of Belgium. Share your opinion.

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Fintech Survey 2020 – Isabel Group

Aggregating access to payments, documents & identities: less friction, more focus.

In an increasingly complex world, organizations face a myriad of challenges coming at them all at once: they need to grow their business, build and offer differentiated products and services, ensure regulatory compliance and hire the best talent available. Under such circumstances, businesses need focus, not friction.

By removing hassle and friction from financial business processes, our clients can transact and collaborate more efficiently, in a more digital, integrated and trusted way. As a result, organizations can focus on their client and business needs instead of on administrative overhead. As such, they can reduce cost, enjoy greater peace of mind, and grow their business.



  • Licensed payment institution

  • Access to 200+ European banks

  • 25 years experience

  • 450 million transactions/year

  • 7B EUR daily transaction value

  • Fintech market leader in Belgium

Isabel NV/SA is authorised by the National Bank of Belgium as a payment institution under Belgian law for its payment initiation and account information services, in accordance with the law of 11 March 2018 on the status and control of payment institutions.

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A smarter, more transparent and easier way to collaborate by sharing docs and data digitally: that is what ClearFacts offers accounting firms and their clients.

Codabox logo

With CodaBox , accounting firms and their clients get access to digital bank statements, invoices and payroll documents quickly, securely and reliably.

Isabel 6

Our leading multibanking solution Isabel 6 bundles all financial transactions across 26 banks into one user-friendly and complete overview.


As a front-runner in open banking, Ibanity offers developers a trusted platform and central hub for banking APIs, enabling a more transparent financial world.

Zoomit logo

Our Zoomit document service enables consumers and Sohos to receive salary documents and invoices and pay with a click.


SignHere lets professionals sign (with Itsme), approve and distribute any document that requires a digital signature easily and securely.

xs2a ibanity

Our XS2A API builds a bridge to 50+ European banks so trusted third parties can unlock the full potential of PSD2 for account information & payment initialization.


Ponto lets you personalize your professional banking experience by accessing account information and payment initialization when and how you want.


With Kube we help banks pool data required to vet and validate businesses, speeding up the bank onboarding process for all parties involved.


TruliUs is a secure digital company passport you can use to carry out online onboarding processes and transactions safely and smoothly on behalf of your company. Identify yourself as member of your organization with a single login and act on behalf of your company.​

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