Automated and secure payment flows in a single integrated process: it was a ‘yes’ from Jessa Hospital.

A little less than a year ago – during the sweltering hot summer of 2022 – Jessa Hospital’s finance department thought it was high time to take a step towards further modernisation. At the time, processing account information and uploading payment files was happening manually. The arrival of the fully automated approach offered by Isabel Connect Integrator hailed the dawn of a new digital era.

For this, Jessa Hospital turned to Inetum-Realdolmen, which has been an Isabel partner for over 15 years. So there was no need for major changes to the ERP system – Hospital AX Dynamics, for the record – or complex new structures for users.


Minor change, major difference.

Petra Vanoppen is the hospital’s Head of Accounting. She talks about then and now, and how a relatively minor digital switch made for an incredibly positive turnaround.


Then and now

“In the past, someone in our department needed to log in to the Isabel 6 portal every morning, preferably in the early hours. They had to download the available CODA files and then upload them manually in the ERP. It was a mundane task, but still one that required some time and concentration, especially when another colleague was on shift, and had to figure out how to correctly process all the payment files. Ultimately, it ate up a lot of time and no one enjoyed it.”


Optimum Treasury

Murielle Celijowski, Head of Treasury, wholeheartedly agrees. “Thanks to Isabel Connect, we are now certain we have accurate and up-to-date financial info, all the time. This is an ideal scenario for Treasury; we can perform our work optimally and don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises.”

“Thanks to Isabel Connect, we are now certain we have accurate and up-to-date financial info, all the time. This is an ideal scenario for Treasury; we can perform our work optimally and don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises.”

Murielle Celijowski Head of Treasury
jessa ziekenhuis


“The technical implementation went exceptionally smoothly,” says Pascal Mylle, a member of the IT Application Team. “For us, it was really important to install a system that would also work seamlessly following the transition to a new ERP application. Having to do everything again after the transition would have been madness. Of course, there are always some adjustments needed when instituting a change, but these have all been made now.”


The right partner

Pascal also has good words to say about Jo Demol, coordinator at Inetum-Realdolmen. “He led the project along the right path and was a tower of strength throughout. His knowledge and experience definitely provided added value. We never had any doubt that the process would be brought to a successful conclusion.”

“The features of the Isabel Connect Integrator are like a web user interface: log files are ready, and the tool sends emails as soon as payment files are uploaded and manages the necessary configurations.”


The future always beckons

The users and managers of Isabel 6 at Jessa Hospital regularly take stock of future needs. For example, Isabel 6 now also authorises itsme® as a login and signing option; for payment approvals with Isabel on a PC, an Isabel card reader is no longer required. Talk about a huge plus! In the near future, Isabel will test the possibility of working with another non-USB device too, instead of the card reader – definitely something to look forward to.

“We’re already completely accustomed to the comfort of this automated process. We eagerly await the possibilities for further digital optimisation of our day-to-day processes. Extra checks on the processing of payment lists are already on our wish list.”

Isabel and Inetum-Realdolmen will shortly get their heads together to talk plans and schedules.  Because there’s no time like the present to discuss the future, right?


Isabel 6 and Isabel Connect: a strong and secure duo

Isabel 6, and now with the integration of Isabel Connect, have helped Jessa Hospital move on their financial banking processes leaps and bounds. The financial administration now works flawlessly. The team has a clear overview of all the various flows and saves a lot of time into the bargain.

“In such a large organisation, reliable administration is crucial,” underlines Murielle Celijowski. “With more automation, our current team can also guarantee a high-quality approach in the future.”  

From an IT perspective, adds Pascal, “this form of automation also removes the chance of erroneous entries.  The entire digital process contributes to providing more security for data streams.”


Simplify, then move forward

Jessa Hospital is looking forward to forging beneficial partnerships with other hospitals in the area. Without efficient operational administration of so many financial tasks, this would be out of the question. But the digital skills of Jessa Hospital itself, Isabel Group and Inetum-Realdolmen makes it possible. These three parties joined forces and simplified the work for staff, to guarantee a productive future. It’s a dream that just came true.


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