Digitize and automate your financial processes

Automate your business processes: everything from closing agreements with your partners, customers and suppliers to performing payments and acquiring financial insights.

You’ll have a real-time view of your financials—whether you’re at home, at the office or on the road. You’ll also find yourself devoting less time to administrative tasks. 

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Digitize financial business processes

Our leading Belgian multibanking solution Isabel 6 bundles payments and account information across 26 banks into one user-friendly and complete overview. The Isabel Connect API even lets you integrate Isabel 6 into your back-office applications. 

Digitize financial business processes

With CodaBox, accounting firms digitally exchange bank account statements (CODA), payroll data (SODA), credit card statements (CARO) and sales (VOICI) & purchase (VOILA) invoices with their customers. 

Digitize financial business processes

A collaboration platform for accountants and their customers for collecting, sharing, processing and integrating accounting data with their preferred accounting software.

Digitize financial business processes

Ponto allows professionals to create a custom banking experience by using European PSD2 bank account information and payment initialization.

Digitize financial business processes

TruliUs is a secure digital company passport you can use to carry out online onboarding processes and transactions safely and smoothly on behalf of your company. Identify yourself as member of your organization with a single login and act on behalf of your company.​

Digitize financial business processes

On ClearFacts’ free basic version, accounting firms exchange, consult & validate documents with their clients. Easily download them and encode them in your preferred accounting software.

Digitize financial business processes

Automate the invoice collection process and get paid faster.

‘Digitizing? Yes, but with a robust partner’

“We wanted a robust partner that was professionally organized, active in a broad market and able to continue to offer its services at an affordable price,” explains Dieter Bonte. “This is the only way for us to continue to guarantee continuity of service and affordable prices to our 3,000 customers. That’s why it seemed logical to us to opt for a partnership with Isabel Group.” Read more

Dieter Bonte, CCO Decupere & Partners

profieltfoto van Dieter Bonte, CCO bij Decupere & Partners

Edgard & Cooper shifts gears with Isabel Connect to achieve international ambitions

Previously, our payment transactions and accounting processes were too time-consuming. Because Isabel Connect interfaces with our ERP system, we are increasingly able to switch from manual processes to automated working methods. This increases the efficiency and productivity of our finance team.  Read more about it here.

Christophe Willaert, CFO

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How Artes Group successfully transformed their finance department

“What was once a transaction factory with primarily operational tasks, has grown into a high-performing financial function. Isabel Group’s solutions Isabel 6 and SignHere played a big part in this transformation.”

Koen Van Acker, CFO Artes Group

Isabel Group Artes Group-testimonial

How Konsilanto and Ariad deepened their collaboration

ClearFacts’ platform contains simple integrations with complementary partners. This enables Konsilanto to offer a total package in the field of digital collaboration.
Ariad, for example, uses the integrations between ClearFacts and a CRM/invoicing tool, a tool for more in-depth reporting, and CodaBox for financial information and electronic purchase invoices.

Johan Jacobs, Partner Konsilanto

two men from Konsilanto working on a laptop

Isabel Connect brings structure for Netto Group

Companies can call on Netto Group for all kinds of maintenance, cleaning and sanitation work in and around the company. Samir Messaoudi, Managing Director at Netto Group, explains why the company, active in a sector that is subject to irregular payments, opted for Isabel Connect. Together with IT partner SnelDev, a seamless integration was created between Isabel 6 and the Odoo ERP package. Watch the video

netto group isabel connect

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