Digitize and automate your financial flows

Automate your business processes: everything from closing agreements with your partners, customers and suppliers to performing payments and acquiring financial insights.

You’ll have a real-time view of your financials—whether you’re at home, at the office or on the road. You’ll also find yourself devoting less time to administrative tasks. 

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Businesses digital signatures

Digital Administration

Digital signatures

Imagine signing, approving and sending your digital documents safely and securely. Or let SignHere make the dream a reality. You’ll save yourself mountains of paperwork. And never find yourself in a last-minute rush to obtain a signature again.


  • Signhere
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Business identities

How would you like to accept a digital client in the blink of an eye? TruliUs makes it possible. The platform guarantees a single reliable corporate data source, serving as a secure online corporate passport.

Identify yourself as a company employee with one login, then perform tasks involving suppliers and partners in the name of your organisation.


  • Trulius

Simplify professional (multi)banking

Are you working with more than one bank? With Isabel 6, our user-ready multi-banking platform, you make payments and access your account information—for all your bank accounts.

What would you think of having all this directly integrated with your back office? Add a multi-banking dimension to your account information and payments with our APIs.


  • Ponto
  • Isabel6
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Businesses processes and insights

Integrate financial processes and gain insights

Gain deeper insight into your company’s financial situation. How? By developing a single, integrated financial flow. Import your bank statements and start payment streams using reliable, trustworthy business software from our partners.


  • Ponto
  • Isabel6
  • Codabox

Developing your own software?

Join our many other partners and benefit from seamless integrations with our solutions.

How Artes Group successfully transformed their finance department

“What was once a transaction factory with primarily operational tasks, has grown into a high-performing financial function. Isabel Group’s solutions Isabel 6 and SignHere played a big part in this transformation.”

Koen Van Acker, CFO Artes Group

Isabel Group Artes Group-testimonial

How Konsilanto and Ariad deepened their collaboration

ClearFacts’ platform contains simple integrations with complementary partners. This enables Konsilanto to offer a total package in the field of digital collaboration. Ariad, for example, uses the integrations between ClearFacts and a CRM/invoicing tool, a tool for more in-depth reporting, and CodaBox for financial information and electronic purchase invoices.

Johan Jacobs, Partner Konsilanto


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