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CodaBox offices move closer to Leuven station

Making it a better fit for mobility, growth and collaboration within Isabel Group

In the middle of spring, our colleagues from CodaBox, specialized in simplifying the lives of accounting firms, moved their offices from Heverlee to the heart of Leuven. The scale-up has known a significant growth the past 3 years in terms of new solutions and in personnel.

Marie Costers, Managing Director of CodaBox: “These new offices in the Acerta building are a better fit for growth. The past few years we welcomed dozens of new people and the offices in Heverlee did not offer the space we needed. This move signals a next chapter and we’re all excited to move forward.”

Marie adds that it was a conscious yet slightly unexpected event. “To be honest, it was not planned to move so soon. But we’re growing faster than planned and the opportunity arose so we jumped on it for several reasons. First, as I mentioned above, we needed more space for our colleagues. Also, the building offers many possibilities and feels very new and spacious, which makes it fun to work here.

Last but not least, our new offices are located next to the train station of Leuven, the 6th busiest train station in Belgium, with direct connections to every major city. This makes commuting to the office and to clients easier for many of us. Not only when coming to work, but also to collaborate with our 200 colleagues in Brussels and Antwerp, and with clients all across the country. Isabel Group HQs face Brussels Central Station so it only takes about 25 minutes to get there. It really improves the collaboration and the overall working experience of our employees.”

Offices in 3 city centers

Isabel Group now has three offices in Belgium, all located in the city center and close to a train station:

  • Leuven: Codabox & Zoomit teams
  • Antwerp: ClearFacts team
  • Brussels: Ibanity, Ponto, Isabel 6, Zoomit, SignHere and corporate teams

The new office address of CodaBox nv is Diestsepoort 1, 3000 Leuven. Coincidentally, the move puts CodaBox & Zoomit in the same building as another document specialist, putting 80% of all e-document traffic in Belgium under the same roof and making our new office the unofficial E-invoicing Valley of the country.

Interested to work in Leuven, Antwerp or Brussels? Check out our vacancies.

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