Fintech under the microscope: Report 2018 – 2020

In this report ‘Fintech under the microscope’, we map out the technological needs, expectations and trends. This report is a summary of a survey of Belgian companies and partners.

We asked them about:

• The perception of the Belgian FinTech landscape;

• The extent to which they are already using FinTech

• The expectations of a FinTech partner such as Isabel

• The general technology trends.

By comparing the answers over the last 3 years, we can also indicate market changes.

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Belgium’s first fintech

We overcome any problems or issues in your financial processes. And you’re able to pursue your business efficiently and collaborate successfully: with digital, optimally integrated, reliable solutions.

Your focus is on your clients and business needs, not on administrative rigmarole. The benefits for you? Lower costs, greater peace of mind and excellent growth.



We help you automate your administrative business processes, payments and reports and financial insights.


Accounting firms

Let us help you digitize bank statements, invoices, payroll data and signatures, and the collaboration with your clients.



As a partner, you define your role. Become a part of our universe as a commercial, technical or expert partner.



With our help you will establish a strong presence in all channels, simplify your customer due diligence processes, and secure interactions on your platforms.



Are you looking for our API documentation and latest tech updates? Our expert developers at Ibanity will be happy to help you.

A customer experience:

Why Accountable relies on our APIs

“Half of the fifteen or so employees we have at Accountable today are developers. But we would undoubtedly have needed additional developers to be able to interface with all the banks on our own and to carry out the complex, extensive translation to all those bank accounts ourselves. So by working with Ibanity, which manages all those APIs for us, we save work and money, but above all a lot of time. As part of Isabel Group, Ibanity has easy access to most banks, so development goes a lot faster for them too.”

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