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Have an impact on our company and on the fintech industry in Belgium and beyond. Scan our vacancies or reach out to our recruitment team to discover more about your future employer.

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Leave your mark at Isabel Group

Have an impact on our company and on the fintech industry in Belgium and beyond. Scan our vacancies or reach out to our recruitment team to discover more about your future employer.

Our jobs

How they leave their mark

“For me, being responsible for the I&S software development team means first and foremost: motivating people. I do this through facilitating communication and collaboration with stakeholders throughout the organization, so we all share a common vision for the product. I also support the team by preventing and resolving issues, by providing focus on clear release targets, and by encouraging the team to self-organize. I appreciate that at Isabel, you are trusted to take your own approach and achieve results in a way that fits your own style and personality.”

Ness Schelkens

Sofware Delivery Manager

@ Identity & Security (I&S)

How we leave our mark

Every day we enable more than 53 000 organizations to run without hassle. We make fintech happen thanks to our people and a unique ecosystem of smart partnerships with the Belgian government, big and smaller banks, accounting software providers and more.

If you grow, we grow. Every project, training and experience helps you to learn and discover more about yourself. We will invest time and resources to support you so dream big and develop your own journey in an inclusive, respectful and diverse team.

30% of our revenue goes to developing and improving our products, so we need you to challenge the status quo and benefit from our open door culture in which your opinions, ideas and aspirations can thrive. Own and share your decisions, keep our customers top of mind and be (at) the heart of impactful digital solutions.

300+ staff


Fintech market leader in Belgium

65.000 business customers

Enabling their business to grow without hassle:


What’s in it for you?


Work and develop with premium tools (Elixir, Kong, Docker, Micro Services,…)


Work flexibly from 3 city centres: Brussels | Leuven | Antwerp


Share knowledge and learn through Communities of Practice (API, Agilist, DevOps, UI/UX, …)


Benefit from multiple training days a year tailored to your needs

Enjoy tons of wellbeing initiatives: FitBees, massages, fruit, Start2Walk, mindfulness,…


Guard your work-life balance thanks to the flexible working hours


Grow with us and co-create your personal development plan


Additional bonuses that are linked to team and corporate objectives

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What we stand for

Simplicity is the key to customer delight
Simplicity is the key to customer delight

We are creative and resourceful while keeping simplicity in mind across and beyond our own organization. Think co-creation with colleagues, customers and partners to lift the user experience to the next level.

It takes guts to challenge, decide and execute
It takes guts to challenge, decide & execute

To innovate, we’ll ask you to challenge the status quo, take decisions and deliver on them, even in tough situations.

Teamwork starts with trust
Teamwork starts with trust

Working together bonds us. You’ll need to connect across teams and disciplines to share knowledge and create value. Be open-minded, flexible and unprejudiced towards your colleagues in a changing environment.

passion and fun are the fuel for innovation
Passion & fun are the fuel for innovation

We want you to dream big by sharing our passion and having fun. How will you translate your knowledge to produce innovation, using agile practices to commercialize your ideas? We need you to bring your perspective to the table.

When IsaFun takes over

The main task of IsaFun, a passionate team of volunteers at the office,
is to bring some extraness to work.

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