Less friction.
More focus.

Our Vision

The financial world around us is changing drastically. Increasing complexity, competition and compliance are goading entrepreneurs large and small to reinvent themselves and their offering.

Isabel Group is convinced that building bridges between all players contributing to the financial value chain, streamlining (financial) administration and promoting efficient processes will facilitate this trend for consumers, Sohos, SMEs, corporates, government institutions, banks and fintechs.

We want to take the lead in creating a new, secure, easy-to-access financial market infrastructure by means of user-friendly solutions that make the life of financial consumers – both business and consumers – easier.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations focus on their core challenges by removing hassle from their administrative processes. We do so by enabling the seamless and secure exchange of documents, payments and identities. We believe that by building bridges across all actors across the financial value chain, information and transactions can flow more freely and unlock insights leading to  better business decisions.

By removing hassle and friction from financial business processes, our clients can transact and collaborate more efficiently, in a more digital, integrated and trusted way.

As a result, organizations can focus on their client and business needs instead of on administrative overhead. As such, they can reduce cost, enjoy greater peace of mind, and grow their business.

Trusted market infrastructure

As a Belgian company founded in 1995, Isabel Group has evolved from the leading provider of multi-banking services for professionals to the country’s biggest fintech.

Recognized expertise

With more than 300 experts and intensive focus on the business world, we offer our customers a full range of financial solutions and can advise and support them from start to finish thanks to a wide range of offerings, covering the entire financial supply chain.

Isabel Group also has an extensive network of partners to call on. We invest more than one third of our turnover in innovation.

Licensed payment institution

Isabel NV/SA is authorised by the National Bank of Belgium as a payment institution under Belgian law for its payment initiation and account information services, in accordance with the law of 11 March 2018 on the status and control of payment institutions.

Isabel NV/SA is one of the three organizations in Belgium (source: AMPG) that meet the requirements for the ISO/IEC 20000-1 2011 standard and has obtained that certification.


Jean de Crane
Jean de CraneCEO Isabel Group
Raf Goos
Raf GoosChief Financial Officer
Tim Van der Wee
Tim Van der WeeChief Technical Officer
Géraldine Valentini
Géraldine ValentiniChief Human Resources Officer
Sabrina Defraene
Sabrina DefraeneVP Multibanking
Bart Renard
Bart RenardVP Identity & Security
Marc Lainez
Marc LainezVP Connectivity
Marie Costers
Marie CostersVP e-Docs & Managing Director CodaBox NV
Tom Vanhoorne
Tom VanhoorneManaging Director ClearFacts

Isabel Group by the numbers

Imagine tomorrow

Imagine your business 5 years from now: you’re facing stronger than ever competition, a whirlwind of regulation and compliance demands, and ever-increasing business complexityyet you’ll have access to an abundance of data scattered across your supply chainKeeping focus on your clients and taking the right business decisions has never been more challenging.

You’ve found a long-term partner in Isabel Group to help you address your evolving connectivity and aggregation needs across finance processes. Thanks to Isabel Group’s leading platform, you have the tools and data at hand to connect your business to your entire supply chain, identify trading partners and opportunities, transact online based on digital identities, sign agreements online, exchange business documents directly from your digital backbone, manage your cash across multiple accounts, and execute payments across Europe in the blink of an eye.  

Tomorrow, the Isabel Group platforms provide you with a single point of access for many critical information streams your business requires, connecting your business with all actors across the supply chain in complete confidence. Information flows seamlessly between your clients, suppliers and financial partners – and hurdles such as file formats, manual data entry and integration headaches are things of the past.  

Your staff is no longer chasing paper and solving administrative hassle; instead they take factbased decisions in minutes and focus on where to grow next.  They have robo-advisors, chatbots, a CFO-on-demand service, and financial dashboards at hand across every business processto help them take smarter decisions fasterAcross its platforms, Isabel Group has automated transactional and manual data entry and removed friction and hassle from the entire procure-to-pay cycle, at any point between contract and payment. 

In short, we’ve helped you trade friction for focus, so you can run your business without hassle.