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Make the click with digital accounting

With CodaBox, accounting firms digitally exchange bank account statements (CODA), payroll data (SODA), credit card statements (CARO) and sales (VOICI) & purchase (VOILA) invoices with their customers. 

Make the click with digital accounting

A collaboration platform for accountants and their customers for collecting, sharing, processing and integrating accounting data with their preferred accounting software.

Make the click with digital accounting

On ClearFacts’ free basic version, accounting firms exchange, consult & validate documents with their clients. Easily download them and encode them in your preferred accounting software.

Make the click with digital accounting

Automate the invoice collection process and get paid faster.

A.Fiducia and customers gain time

“ClearFacts is extremely user-friendly and the time saved is enormous, both for us and for the customers. A.Fiducia then uses the time freed up to personally assist customers and to monitor them very closely. “Our customers really appreciate that, because in most cases they don’t have the time to follow up on all these matters themselves.”

Hassan Ayed, owner

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Fiducial is more than ever at the service of its clients

Fiducial is an international group that provides multidisciplinary services to companies. In Belgium and Luxembourg, Fiducial relies on ClearFacts, its digital platform for document exchange and pre-accounting, and several CodaBox services (CODA, SODA & Voilà). Fiducial has integrated the tool and services into its own systems under the name MyFiducial. “I could not do without it”, says Felana Rakotomanantsoa from Fiducial.

Felana Rakotomantsoa, certified Fiscal Accountant

Felana Rakotomantsoa, Fiducial

How Konsilanto and Ariad deepened their collaboration

ClearFacts’ platform contains simple integrations with complementary partners. This enables Konsilanto to offer a total package in the field of digital collaboration.
Ariad, for example, uses the integrations between ClearFacts and a CRM/invoicing tool, a tool for more in-depth reporting, and CodaBox for financial information and electronic purchase invoices.

Johan Jacobs, Partner Konsilanto

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