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[Press Release] Merging with Zoomit adds 1.5 million users to Doccle instantly

The acquisition of the commercial management of business senders leads to one central point of contact for Zoomit and Doccle: sending documents securely becomes even easier

Doccle will work more closely with Isabel Group, taking over the Zoomit customer base completely. This will give professional customers a single point of contact for sending invoices and other documents, while allowing Doccle and Zoomit users to continue using their familiar platform. “Everyone gains from this merger. Companies will be able to reach their customers much more smoothly via both platforms and for users, the number of organisations they can work with digitally increases,” says Bram Lerouge, CEO of Doccle. The platform is seeing a 34% increase in the number of customers. The number of users suddenly increases spectacularly from 2.9 to 4.4 million.

With Doccle and Zoomit, Isabel Group has two major digital administrative platforms for consumers, the self-employed and small businesses in Belgium. No fewer than 4.4 million Belgians use Doccle or Zoomit to pay invoices digitally in a secure way. Until now, however, organisations such as energy companies, health insurance companies and social secretariats had to choose between both platforms to get their documents to customers, which is not the administratively simplest and most efficient way of working. And their customers in turn had to access both platforms to pay their invoices.

More clarity: one single point of contact for both platforms

With this merger, there will be clarity in the market especially for both consumers and professional organisations. The demand for this was particularly high among these professional organisations. Doccle will become the central brand and contact point for their services and will henceforth manage their administration and commercial interests. And this offers several advantages. It makes it less complex for companies and they no longer have to choose between Doccle and Zoomit. Moreover, it becomes easier for those organisations to reach their customers in different ways: Zoomit, Doccle Apps, Peppol, mail, their own portals and even paper.

For both organisations and consumers, it is often a complex web of channels for various documents. Pay slips, invoices and contracts are scattered everywhere. By centralising the commercial approach for business senders, we reinforce our mission: to make administration as simple as possible for everyone.
Marie Costers, VP Business Solutions Isabel Group

Portret picture MarieCosters

VP Business Solutions Isabel Group, Marie Costers

Better service: the customer chooses

The Doccle solution now bundles all organisations, but the collaboration has no impact for end users. They will still continue to receive their documents in their current digital administration platform. For example, anyone who receives their energy supplier’s invoice in Zoomit today will still receive it in Zoomit in the future. In the future, however, consumers will see more and more senders appear on both platforms and will be able to choose where they handle their invoices.

Doccle and Isabel Group will continue to support Zoomit functionality for banks. For financial institutions working with Zoomit, nothing will change. The platform is building a new technological solution that will be more future-proof and better integrated into their apps. This will allow invoices to be handled and paid even more securely and effectively. Moreover, invoices in Doccle/Zoomit will be seamlessly delivered to accountants, if required.

We are pleased to be able to work with our colleagues at Doccle on this. This meets the demand of professional companies for easier document sending. For us, it was important that, regardless of the choice of platform, the end user would not be inconvenienced in any way.
Marie Costers, VP Business Solutions Isabel Group


CEO of Doccle, Bram Lerouge

This collaboration is an asset on many levels. Through the collaboration, we significantly improve services. With one technical connection, business senders will be able to reach both B2C and B2B customers via any channel. In turn, users will be able to manage their entire personal administration in one app that will continue to display invoices in banks’ apps as well. After our recent expansion into the Netherlands, where we are also gaining the trust of more and more companies and users, this is another great step in our growth. Our number of users is rising dramatically, from 2.9 to 4.4 million.
Bram Lerouge, CEO of Doccle

This collaboration between Isabel Group and Doccle simplifies the offering to larger companies that want direct integration with Doccle/Zoomit. Software packages that provide their users (typically smaller companies) with the ability to send and receive B2C and/or B2B invoices from their software will be able to continue working with Isabel Group’s integrations (APIs). The latter will be invoiced and ‘serviced’ by Isabel Group.

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