Sanae Abchir’s adventure as an intern at Isabel Group

My adventure @Isabel Group

When starting my quest for the ideal internship, one thing I knew for sure: social contact is going to be key. That’s why I chose to delve further into HR and marketing. Luckily for me, I came across the vacancy HR/ Employer Branding Intern at Isabel Group. After submitting my application, Katrien (Talent Acquisition Manager) invited me for an introductory interview.

The enthusiasm and approachability of the team were the first thing that struck me during the interview. I took the train back home with a huge smile on my face and decided then and there I wanted this internship. Even though there were many other companies I had applied at. After waiting nervously for a response – it felt like weeks but in reality it was just 3 day later – they reached out with the good news. I was starting my internship at ISABEL GROUP, YES! ?

The first day

So, on Monday 3 February, I took my bag with my lunch and proudly headed out for my first day as an intern. The moment I arrived, I felt very welcome. Everyone was helpful, I immediately got all the info I needed and I even participated in a few webinars to become fully integrated within the company. As of day one, I was part of the most cheerful team in Brussels, not just as an intern but as a full member of the organization. They offered me a varied range of tasks with my own responsibilities. These tasks were also of great added value to the project I was working on for my thesis.

The internship exceeded my expectations. The days flew by and every day I learned more about how this company works. And how I work. During these days I gradually overcame the fear of taking initiative and I started thinking outside the box. My colleagues pushed me to step outside my comfort zone and I am grateful and glad they did.

And then Corona happened…

Since March 13, Isabel Group asked all of its associates to work from home. Overnight, more than 320 people switched to full home working mode. Aside from the fact that I missed my colleagues, I was relieved that I was able to continue my internship and work on my employer branding projects from home (some less fortunate classmates had to look for a new internship). I never thought I’d continue my internship from my own desk chair. But they did everything they could to make this period as enjoyable as possible. There was an HR team meeting every morning and we also had our more informal moments, like a drink after hours to unwind from the remote follow-up of all our projects. They even organized virtual meditation classes in the morning.

What strikes me most about the internship is that even as an intern you are given a lot of ownership and responsibilities, which made me feel like a real asset within the organization. Isabel Group attaches great importance to personal development and dedicates the necessary effort, time and energy to achieve personal goals. I discovered new soft skills and the internship made me grow professionally. Win-win!

In short, I couldn’t have wished for a better internship. It’s ideal for students who want to learn and are not afraid to show some guts! Hands down, I would choose again for this inspiring experience. By the way, while writing this I am back as a summer student and will start soon as a job student.

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Isabel Group is committed to creating a diverse environment and is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability or age.

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