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Automated and secure payment flows in a single integrated process: it was a ‘yes’ from Jessa Hospital.

The arrival of the fully automated approach offered by Isabel Connect Integrator hailed the dawn of a new digital era.


Isabel Connect by Isabel 6: Embedded Banking in your ERP

After its introduction into the b2c area, it was inevitable that embedded banking would also find its way into a ...


Embedded banking: 4 Isabel Connect partners on their experience

With embedded banking, users get direct access to dozens of banks from within their familiar business applications.


Isabel 6 is always on the move… and is now picking up itsme® too

Isabel 6 users can now use itsme to log into Isabel 6 and sign payments.


“We need to take embedded banking for corporates more seriously”

"In the ideal embedded banking world for corporates, the finance department has all the tools, all the account information and ...


How to avoid exchange rate risks on import and export

The bad news? There is a real and potentially significant  exchange rate risk for companies doing business outside the eurozone. ...


Is your currency strategy ready for 2021?

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The impact of Brexit on the Pound Sterling

The Brexit negotiations are in a critical phase. Isabel Group and iBanFirst can see both pitfalls and opportunities.


FinTech trend #3: PSD2 is the future for multibanking

As a strategist & marketer, I help orchestrate go-to-markets, aligning market trends, client demand, solution portfolios and revenue targets. FinTech ...